Saturday, July 19, 2014

Club X Is Coming #Giveaway Week 2! Enter to win #audiobooks and a VIP Ticket to Indie Mashup Tampa!

It's week 2 of the Club X Is Coming Giveaway, and this week up for grabs are 3 ARCs of Temptation, 1 audiobook set of The Heart of Stone Trilogy, and 1 VIP ticket to the Indie Mashup Tampa in September. Cool, huh?

Complete as many rafflecopter entries as you want--the more you do, the better your chances of winning! Good luck! I'll choose the winners on Saturday, July 26 and announce them on Facebook!

And here are the winners from Week One:

Leslie Rodriguez--Keurig Coffee Maker
Julie Herring--signed set of Heart of Stone Trilogy paperbacks
April Parmalee--signed set of Heart of Stone Trilogy paperbacks
Sophia P.-$25 gift card
Deborah Favorito-$25 gift card

If you see your name there, email me at to claim your prize! 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Enter The Club X Is Coming Giveaway!

So to celebrate my birthday (July 7), my new website (love it!), hitting 10K fans on my Facebook page (already close to 11K!), and Temptation (Club X #1) coming in just about three weeks, I'm doing a giveaway that will last for the rest of July. Whew!

For the next three weeks, I'll be giving away books, swag, gift cards, and a big prize each week. For the first week, that big prize is a Keurig K60/K65 Special Edition Single Serve Coffee Maker. If you're a coffee lover, don't miss out on this! But there are also two $25 gift cards and two paperback sets of the Heart of Stone Trilogy too, so be sure to enter to win.

Be sure to check out my new website since it's one of the entries--easy 5 entries! Good luck!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FAQ About The Club X Series

I've been busy in edits with Temptation and writing Surrender, but readers have been asking me about the Club X series, so I thought I'd do an FAQ about the books. If I don't answer your question here, feel free to comment and I'll answer it if I can.

So here goes!

What's the order of the books in the series?

Temptation is the first book. Then after that are Surrender and Possession. After that, I don't know (see below).

Will each book be a stand alone book?

Yes. While there will be parts that carry over from each book (such as the HEA each hero receives in his book), each story will be a stand alone that focuses on one hero and one heroine.

What's the heat level of the Club X Series?
HOT. ;) No kidding. Tristan and Nina had some hot scenes, but in comparison, the heat level of this series is much hotter. I still won't be categorizing this as erotica because there's way too much story to make it erotica, but it's definitely erotic romance.

When are the release dates for the books?

Temptation will be released on August 3. Surrender will come out this fall, assuming nothing changes in the way I publish. And Possession will come out in January 2015, with the same assumption governing the release date as Surrender's.

Who are the main characters of Temptation?

Cassian March, one of the owners of Club X, and Olivia Lucas, his assistant, are the hero and heroine of Temptation.

Will each book be about just the one brother featured?

Yes. For example, while readers will meet and learn about Stefan and Kane in Temptation, the focus is on Cassian. Surrender will be Stefan's book (Shay is his heroine), and Possession will be Kane's book (Abbi is his heroine).

So it's a trilogy?
No. While I've made no definite decisions, the Club X series has the real possibility of going past the first three books to a fourth, fifth, and others. As readers will find out in Temptation, the father of the main characters was a very busy man. ;) Kane is just the first half-brother to come forward, but he's definitely not the only other child their father helped bring into this world.

When will we get to hear about books after the first three?
If they're going to happen, I'll be talking about them probably before Possession's release.

Why will readers love the men of Club X?
They're sexy as all hell, tattooed, pierced, and run an exclusive club that caters to fulfilling members' fantasies. Let's just say these guys know how to take care of a woman. ;) Each brother has his own unique style. Cassian is the public face of the club, so he's the sexy businessman the world sees, even though what's underneath that suit shows he's just as wild as his brothers. Stefan is the younger brother who's a first rate player (and who's just daring the right woman to bring him down a peg or two). He's the one who runs the bar and sees life as a party that goes night after night. Kane is their half-brother who's lived a rougher life than Cassian and Stefan. He's got a harder edge about him, and he's the perfect brother to run the fantasy section of the club. As for other brothers (or sisters), time will tell...

OMG! Tell me more!
Here's a little about each hero to give you something as you wait. BUT, I'll keep some of the details a secret until each man's book comes out. ;)

Cassian--28, dark brown hair, stunning blue eyes, 6'2", lean but muscular, tattoos on both arms and one across his chest, one piercing

Stefan--26, light brown hair, light brown eyes, just over 6', more muscular than Cassian, sleeves on both arms/tattoo across his stomach, a couple piercings

Kane--28 (3 months younger than Cassian), nearly black hair, same stunning blue eyes as his half-brother, biggest of the three (nearly 6'4"), tattoos on arms, back, and lower abdomen, one very private piercing and a few others easily seen

So readers should expect some really hot stories?
Panty melting, kindle (or Nook) scorching, need to turn on the A/C hot stories but still very much romance.

Have other questions? Ask away! I'll answer, if I can.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why I Pushed Back Temptation's Release Date

I announced the other day that I was pushing back the release date for Temptation (Club X #1) from July 13 to August 3. Not a long time, but a change, nonetheless. I didn't tell anyone, not even my assistants, why other than I just needed the time.

Because I appreciate my readers, I wanted to post today why I pushed back the date. The truth is the book was complete. Cassian and Olivia had gotten their entire story told, complete with HEA. I was ready to send it to the formatter so it would be ready for the July 13th release date. My assistants were ready for me to send the snippets so they could make those fantastic teasers they create.

A little background information might be helpful at this point. I began writing Temptation months ago. I stopped in the middle of the book to write Ever After when readers asked for more Tristan and Nina, and then I returned to Temptation. When I got back into Cassian and Olivia's world, I found that I really missed and loved their story.

Around that same time, I experienced a few negative moments regarding my writing. I've never been a huge hit with certain reviewers, so it wasn't surprising. But with the advent of the kind of promo it takes to get the word out in today's publishing world when hundreds of books in the same genre seem to come out each week, those big pages not wanting to recognize my books made me wonder if I should change my writing.

Virtually every writer goes through a bout of self-doubt every once in a while. I didn't and don't doubt my ability to write, but what I was doubting was the kind of story I write.  The truth is that even though my Heart of Stone series is definitely erotic (and a little hotter than some contemporary romance readers like), there is a real story surrounding the sex. Also, the heroes I write are the kind of males I find appealing--good looking, sexy, smart men who truly adore women. They're usually broken in some way, but they're never crass or insulting to their heroines. I find heroes who treat female characters like shit unappealing, so I don't write them.

However, lately it seems those kinds of heroes and stories that have less plot but lots of sex have become quite popular. When I did what I thought was a final reread of Temptation, I realized that what I'd been seeing had affected the story I'd written, but not in a way I liked. You see, I'd written an erotic romance even hotter than Tristan and Nina, and that I loved, but somehow I'd left out much of those great non-romantic parts that make up my books. What I had was a book my subconscious wanted because that's what it believed would be most successful but it wasn't the kind of book I consciously wanted to publish.

After a battle of wills between those two parts of me, I decided I had to be true to myself and that meant going back into Temptation to include those non-romantic parts of the story that really fill out my books. So that's why I pushed back the release date to August 3. Those big promo sites likely still won't like it, but my readers will know that they got the best work from me and nothing less. And for fans who love my books because they get a full story around really hot sex, I promise you won't be disappointed.  ;)


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Are You Going To Authors After Dark This August? Hope To See You There!

I'll be at Authors After Dark this August 6-10, 2014 in Charlotte, NC as a Featured Author! A reader-centered convention, it's going to be a great time so if you haven't registered to attend, don't miss out! There's still time, and I look forward to meeting readers and having a great time. Click the link below today and I hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Serial or Not To Serial

A reader suggested to me recently that she'd love to see me write a serial, one of those stories that includes 4 or sometimes more installments, all usually released within a total span of a few months. Sometimes installments are monthly, while other times they come out every two or three weeks.

Keep in mind that serials aren't the same as a series. A serial is one entire story told in segments. A series is a group of related stories each told in their entirety. Also, a serial isn't the same as a trilogy like the Heart of Stone Trilogy. Serials tend to be shorter in length, unlike Tristan and Nina's story that runs over 1000 pages. (Clear as mud, right? LOL)

I've heard some readers say they love serials, while others hate them. I'm curious to know what my readers think. I'd love it if you'd take the survey below based on the following idea:

A serial of 4 installments to be released over a span of 3 months

What say you about serials? free polls