Thursday, May 15, 2014

To Serial or Not To Serial

A reader suggested to me recently that she'd love to see me write a serial, one of those stories that includes 4 or sometimes more installments, all usually released within a total span of a few months. Sometimes installments are monthly, while other times they come out every two or three weeks.

Keep in mind that serials aren't the same as a series. A serial is one entire story told in segments. A series is a group of related stories each told in their entirety. Also, a serial isn't the same as a trilogy like the Heart of Stone Trilogy. Serials tend to be shorter in length, unlike Tristan and Nina's story that runs over 1000 pages. (Clear as mud, right? LOL)

I've heard some readers say they love serials, while others hate them. I'm curious to know what my readers think. I'd love it if you'd take the survey below based on the following idea:

A serial of 4 installments to be released over a span of 3 months

What say you about serials? free polls 


  1. I bought one like this. I ended up losing track of all the segments and paid like $12 in total because it ended up being 12 sections. Maybe a few wouldn't be too bad.

  2. I personally will not buy a serial, a series or trilogy yes, but not a serial. I don't buy anything under 250 pages and a free book needs to be at least 150. I started reading a book, I was unaware at the time, was a serial and quit reading it after book 3. I was disappointed that I would never get to the end but refused to keep buying books under 100 pages for $.99 each with no end in sight. JMHO

  3. I would normally wait until the serial was finished. I do have a few authors that send me ARC's to read/review that are serial. So I guess either way works for me. I would not pay more that 99 cents for serials though, some are $2.99 or higher and that gets pricey